10 Great 4WD Tour And 4WD Trip Locations

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Of all the extreme sports why go on a 4WD adventure? Other than not having a 4WD and the right equipment of your own, the reasons mostly sum up to apprehensions about traveling alone and simply not knowing where to go.

That is what 4WD adventure packages are for. Expert guides and 4WD drivers take you on roads less traveled; combine it with action-packed activities and breathtaking scenery for the perfect exhilarating extreme experience. You can rent a 4WD vehicle, be shown around places that you will only see in travel magazines, and get your adrenalin boiling with great activities. Don’t know where to go? Here’s a teaser of 10 great locations where you will finally enjoy your 4WD adventure:

  1. Kakadu National Park, the Northern Territory
    A World Heritage-listed park located 120 km east of Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory. A location with refreshing monsoonal microclimates, beautiful landscapes, and well-known wetlands on the plains. This park is so vast that it is as big as Israel, Slovenia, or El Salvador and is considered Australia’s largest National Park. Its diverse environment is home to a variety of lush flora and amazing fauna.
  2. Bullfinch to Goongarrie Station, Western Australia
    This route takes you through a remote country near Mt. Manning Nature Reserve. On the way, you will also pass through Lake Ballard and the Menzies, and great western woodlands. Other sights also include the Helena and Aurora Ranges and Yowie Rocks.
  3. Simpson Desert, Central Australia
    Endless red dunes that traverse North & South make up this section of the Australian Outback. Marvel at shimmering mirages, and be amazed at the historical imprints of civilization taking over the past.
  4. Cape York, QLD
    This is an area where roads are often rough and undeveloped, a scenario that allows access to amazing landscapes, countless river crossings, and bountiful nature spots.
  5. Snowy Mountains, New South Wales
    Cruise through a choice selection of huge mountain ranges, amazing gorges, and refreshing waterways.
  6. Tasmania
    Fish, swim, and bushwalk along Tasmania’s mix of rocky slopes, bush tracks, and waterways.
  7. Coral Bay, Western Australia
    Offers crystal clear waters, vast riverways, astonishing National Parks, and rocky headlands. Enjoy your 4WD adventure in this state of unsurpassed beauty.
  8. Gregory National Park, Northern Territory
    Place a 4WD adventure here and experience authentic Australian bush camping and Aboriginal culture as you take a journey and soak in the sights of the amazing and diverse landscape.
  9. Victoria
    A 4WD experience filled with snowy spots, native wildlife, and lush forestry. Take a break from driving and be thrilled with skiing or snowboarding.
  10. Queenstown, New Zealand
    Go nostalgic on this 4WD adventure as you traverse through the old abandoned mining towns of Skippers Canyon and Macetown. Rugged roads add more to the experience of off-roading as you explore premier and authentic trails with the experts of 4WD adventure.

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